Change Of Loyalty - Girls Of War

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Исполнитель: Change Of Loyalty

Композиция: Girls Of War

Длительность: 04:02

Добавлен: 2015-12-15

Скачали: 627


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Текст песни:

When broken heart destroys all your life
And take away with it life and soul
When broken heart destroy all your life
We'll stay with you just because we're friends
We'll improve your mind

So that letter to you
I think
You cannot find a truth
My ptience had come
To an end
You must wake up and roll
You lose that game
And chick jyust beat you
No! You can't be fool
You can't be asshole
When you prefer destroy yourself
We will stop it
When you prefer destroy yourself
We will change your own
And make it real
Fuck her! And let her cry!

Last night
I tried to leave - she cried so much
You like it! You love to feel like fucking cunt
But mistakes are not war crimes
Bit by bit, she'll make a dick from you
One day you'll see her fucking face
She will suck your bestfriend's cock
But that'll be time when you have no pride
And you'll kill them both
Die! You're fucking traitors

Stop! Let's dance and feel the freedom
But stay cool and you'll stay strong
Love will fill you all
Love is just a part of world

So it's time
When you can choose only one
To be or not to be
With this disgusting whore


Клип Change Of Loyalty - Girls Of War
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