In Flames - Black And White

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Исполнитель: In Flames

Композиция: Black And White

Длительность: 03:33

Добавлен: 2014-11-14

Скачали: 651


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Текст песни:


I am one with the world tonight
I am proud to be this far from you

You say that you have no regrets
But I know that you do
You told me someone stole the eye
I know him too


I've come to the conclusion, yes I know
That between black and white
There is no room for two
The scale it might be wide
But there's no need to be blind
Between black and white there is no room for two


I leave all the grey behind
I see clear, I know that I'll find

You claim that you are innocent
But tell me who aint
You think that you're going to be saved
There's no such thing as a saint

Black and White
There's nothing in between
Black and White
Nothing's what it seems

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