Laurel - Fire Breather ОгнедышащийOST "Дневники Вампира" 5:16

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Исполнитель: Laurel

Композиция: Fire Breather (Огнедышащий)OST "Дневники Вампира" 5:16

Длительность: 03:14

Добавлен: 2017-01-09

Скачали: 583


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Текст песни:

Town cryer village flyer got a
skull and cross bones on his chest
and I can't resist, when he looks like this
all his other girls, face on magazines
big blue eyes oh I don't know what this means
no what does he want from me

Were hang in the bars running after to cars
to get home
wishing on the stars wonder what you are
I just don't know, he's beautiful.
Maybe he shines a little more than me

No its to much, burn my sun
up in flames we go, you fire breather
ash and dust on my door
Let smoke rise trying to survive inside your arms

oh fire breather breating the fire into
oh fire breather I'm trying to survive inside your arms

Flame thrower at the show
make my heart melt in the middle of the room
and I can't stay away, now I'm begging you to stay oh

Sitting through the days I'm wasting away till the weekends
Running on the green, through the stick of the suburbs
I learnt maybe you shine a little m

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