Lil Jon & ESB Feat. Gangsta Boo - Da Blow

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Исполнитель: Lil Jon & ESB Feat. Gangsta Boo

Композиция: Da Blow

Длительность: 06:01

Добавлен: 2016-12-27

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Текст песни:

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Da Blow

(Lil Bo) 9x
Da blow ...
DA pills...
Da yak...
Da herb...
DA blow..DA blow..DA blow..DA blow..DA blow

Playa Fly
DA dro,Da purp,Da erenge,Get Pushed!
Da bab, No halfs, Know where to get da hash. ill join ya 2,but do ya niggas smoke a blunt of
this, you wanna smoke wit me don’t bring no bullshit, da blue,thumpin,white spinners, tha green
nickles,that red superman,that peach butter fly, that white rolex, you'll have those hoes hotter
than a box of stolen chex,the snow,the white, yeah miami get crunk,when I see em in tha club they
be sniffin up that skunk, gimme 1 gee ya right, gimme 2 gee ya right, gimme 3 gee ya right,i aint
ballin though tonight,if you wanna get cha lean,there aint nuttin but that yella,i done heard
that in texas them niggas got whateva,gally gally of that henna (hennessy) mix it wit that crunk
juice,we'll have a nigga spinnin

chorus 5x

Gangsta Boo
yeah I got that weed for the low
those pills for tha low
da blow for tha low
young nigga you aint know,
when I ride I roll high
man an I aint tellin no lie,
when this shit get in my brain,
I grip the grain and fly by,
say dawg you got that good up in tha hood we callin mid grade, another thing we do some call it blow, some call it cocain, fuck hell nah nigga, iv'e been on that mean swean sauvГ

Клип Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz - Da Blow (Feat Gangsta Boo)
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