lisa d'amato - i be like whoa

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Исполнитель: lisa d'amato

Композиция: i be like whoa

Длительность: 02:14

Добавлен: 2014-11-01

Скачали: 588


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Текст песни:

Hey, Lisa!
Come on
Show them what being a Pot Ledom’s all about
Uh huh, Uh huh

Back for a vengeance
Just as intended
Fully loaded
Out of detention
Better than ever
Won’t forget to mention
We’re head-ing in the right direction
Eye on the prize
Stay out of way
Or just mine
Might have skipped class
But I laugh last
Suicide wards or courts with a twist
Top bitch nemesis

I be like whoa (C’mon)
Let my neon glow (Pot ledom)
I be like whoa (C’mon)
La poocheenera oh (Lisa)
I be like whoa
Just raising bars you know (You’re an all-star)
I be like whoa (So fierce)
From head to toe

Just in case y’all ain’t wizards
Pot Ledom is Top Model spelled backwards

Клип Lisa D'Amato "I Be Like Whoa!" WITHOUT TYRA!!! - ANTM All-Stars
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