Major Lazer - Get Free feat. Amber What So Not Remix

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Исполнитель: Major Lazer

Композиция: Get Free feat. Amber (What So Not Remix)

Длительность: 04:08

Добавлен: 2015-12-08

Скачали: 664


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Текст песни:

Never got love from a government man
Heading downstream till the levee gives in
What can i do to get the money
We ain't go the money, we ain't gettin' out

All of my life been wadin in
Water so deep now we got to swim
Wonder will it ever end
How long how long till we have a friend

Comin' down, feelin' like a battery hen
Waves won't break till the tide comes in
What will I do in the sunrise
What will I do without my dreams

Look at me
I Just can't believe
What they've done to me
We could never get free
I just wanna be

Клип Major Lazer ft. Amber -- Get Free (What So Not Remix)
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