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Исполнитель: -Mark Ecko's Getting Up-sound track

Композиция: песня из игры Getting Up

Длительность: 04:30

Добавлен: 2016-12-14

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Текст песни:

Yo Pack, you see that cat playin' you close, son?
Right there, son!
Oh man, what?!
Son, you know we don't allow that.
Yeah, we gonna take him out tonight, son.
No doubt.

Take a walk with me, we goin all city
Black hat, gloves, flat black's all you need
Krylon, Rusto', a Pilot, a silver Touch Tone
My name is famous, my face - unknown

This is how it goes, late night, early AM
Sky's pitch black, reach in the bag, Click-Clack
Then I start sprayin'
Paint the wall red, before the cap hits the floor
I'm runnin' from the law
There's a alley closeby, I can tell by the stench
Shortcut to the park, I'm hidin' under the bench
First my kicks was muddy, now all my gear, too?
...Shhh - somebody might hear you
Can't make a sound, cuz they just might find me
Can't move an inch, there's dog shit right behind me
Damn! This shit is grimey
It's like I'm an A&R and all these walls are rappers screamin' out "Sign Me"
Hold up - gotta let these pigs pass..

He's gotta be here somewhere, we gotta catch his ass.
Eh, so what? It's just a bunch of paper work.
You know what? You're right, and I'm tired. Let's go get some donuts.

Cops got tired of waitin', no match for my patience
I think I'll be safe and head in to the train station
And you know I ain't payin', but no need for creepin'
This time of night the lady in the booth is always sleepin'
9 times outta 10, the platform is empty
Poles freshly painted and it really looks tempting
But tonight I got a feeling like somebody's out to get me
I reach for my marker, but my instincts won't let me
White guy, by himself - don't care when the train's comin?
Just don't add up, allow me to explain somethin'
This guy's an undercover, disguised to bring you under
No lies, I seen 'em hover, Just tryin to warn you, brotha
Here comes the train, dip into the last car
Put my name everywhere, even where the maps are
And nothin' leaves a mark like Griffin Shoe Polish
By the time we hit the next stop, the whole car's demolished
Time to exit proceed with a purpose
My canvas, a surface most people deem as worthless
Pop the krylon top, no need to steal, I purchase
You find that funny? I'm spendin' rap money
Anyway, cop a squat, got a nice spot - the rooftop
Won't stop till the sun's up and my name's seen from 2 blocks
You know what they say, fame is the name of the game
So clear the way when you hear the click, clack, and the spray

Shouts to Chino BYI, Fatal NFO
Smith & Sane, Cost & Revs and Astro
Reese RFC, Sack ACV, Shama R5B
The squad was TVT
5MH, literally 5 million heads
Shouts to Ewok, my first crew - SNF
T-Kid, Cope FC, Sonic and Web
JA, TKA, Seek and SEV
Seer, Daze, Kez-5 and Chez
Ere, Sever ATC and Tez
Females held it down, Lady Pink, Miss Maggs
Take a walk with me, we bout to catch some tags...

Take a walk with me
Let's take a walk

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