Mobb Deep - Hey Love Anything

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Исполнитель: Mobb Deep

Композиция: Hey Love (Anything)

Длительность: 04:04

Добавлен: 2015-11-28

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Текст песни:

(feat. 112)

[Prodigy & 112] come here (112)
listen listen listen come on (ooooo)
yo-yo (luv you ... need you...)
(let ride, lets ride)

Yo..hey luv i wanna hold you and talk to you,
put my arm around ya shoulda and walk wit chu
be that one headed sherif give me world to you,
i kno that nigga aint doin what he suppose to do
i got much more to give than homie do,
and you so fine i just wanna roll wit chu
you a queen bitch, need to come close to you
need a nigga like P to just flow wit chu,
and i gotta try cuz anything possible,
and you just might see things the way i do
i just wanna get next to you, friends wit you
burn hunids wake up in the bed wit chu
i luv when you walk how that body move,
pardon my mouth IM just bein honest boo
i would pay for air time just to vibe wit chu
kisses and hugs till the next time you swing thru

(So many things) So many thing that i wanna do
wanna kiss wanna touch wanna taste of you (Wanna taste of
Cuz i only wanna be with you you, Girl you kno
anything that cha need i got it, Million dolla shoppin sprees i
got it
anything that cha want i got it..You kno i got it (ask P) you
kno i got it

Ma, i want you in the worst way, and i aint thirsty or nuttin
but when i say sumtin boo, i go hard for the 1 (ooo baby)
Hit my cell, imma take you out to eat,
and kill any misconception that you got of Mobb Deep
throw that bug in ya ear and its about time
cuz i nigga like me been wantin you for years
bump heads here and there,
and neva got the chance, best to those who wait once i get up in
tha pants
aint no one minute man, suppose to be wit him betta change those
anything you gots to do, lies to you must be out his monkey ass
how the hell he gettin tired of you?
let me light that fire that yah body desire,
get yah back to bein sexy, single free like my do
cuz i treats them right, you kno how i rock en where you at girl

I'm on the next flight

(sooo many things that i wanna doooo)

sit back i got this, babygirl ya straight
fo'sure rest a sure you in the arms of strength
Baby i die for my love ones make no mistake
IM not that man i keep my gun on base

And its a cold world,yah man dont undastand yah pain
and i kno you gettin tired of the same ol' sayin
he expect to keep you locked, wit that 5 cocked rink
lets coop that ol real whil 112 sing

0o anything you want and anything you need
lets make this tuff uff and come wit mee hee
o0o anything anything you want and anything you need
girl ill come running....
[chorus Till end]

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