N.E.R.D. - фрогмент из фильма волчья стая

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Исполнитель: N.E.R.D.

Композиция: фрогмент из фильма волчья стая

Длительность: 04:25

Добавлен: 2014-10-19

Скачали: 453


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Текст песни:

Four in the morning she appeared there to me
Said she had the secret to life
She wandered to my heart and said that you'll believe
Felt my neck and then opened my eyes

But I've seen the light
I've seen the light, you're the one girl
And then it hit me, it felt like lightning
And then it hit me I wasn't frightened
Cause I've seen the light

Things will soon change, you will see, you will see
The light will chase away the dark
She said you'll be okay if you listen to me
All the superstars are burning out


Yes we've got dreams, something you won't believe
The desert was hot, the air was dry
She gave me instruction to play my magic keys
And magic treats starts falling from the sky


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