Unisonic - Unisonic

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Исполнитель: Unisonic

Композиция: Unisonic

Длительность: 03:22

Добавлен: 2014-10-24

Скачали: 262


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Текст песни:

Coming out of nowhere
running for the rain
rocking out the fool
cry out of here

Sing a little high
sing a little low
everything we do can't stop to
rock and roll

All i want to be
all i wanna know
got to feel the power and
lose control

Everybody heard
all about you
come on over here
got in the groove

Another ride
another day
we got the calling on our way


Shrieking like a monster
pushing like

Give a little here
take a little there
living on the edge but
i don't care.

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