Whitley - Head, First, Down

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Исполнитель: Whitley

Композиция: Head, First, Down

Длительность: 03:38

Добавлен: 2015-04-22

Скачали: 396


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Текст песни:

We are here
It seems we always must've seen
A dark black fear
And nothing ever seems so clear
The sun will not be here and I know my life has an end
The sun will not be here and questions remain in my head

So I fall
Head, first, down

You heard my voice
You heard me howling in the wind
I saw your soul
I knew you'd never let me go
You're someone who'll be there and
Never let go of my hand
I'm someone who'll be there and
Protect you from oncoming winds

When you fall
Head, first down

This is real
And wonder, it's all around
You hit the ground
And know there, truth is always found
Reject superstition and listen to silences sound
Reject their false prophets and know that
There's something around

And they'll fall
Head, first, down
Because we all fall
Head, first, down

Клип Whitley - Head, First, Down.
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